Guide to gift wrapping from Wrapped by Alice

A huge majority of commissions I receive for portraits and artwork are gifts.  Right now with Christmas fast approaching, I have so many secret commissions in the works to which I am sworn to secrecy that I feel like a spy!


I have recently added Wrapped by Alice‘s beautiful handmade gift wrap to my online store, then immediately afterwards realised that I cannot gift wrap!  When I give gifts, I usually lie and tell them my two year old daughter wrapped them. That way I get a cute comment rather than a look of horror.  Little do they know that I stayed up until 2am furiously trying to wrap their gift, leaving it barely concealed by ragged strips of wrinkled gift wrap and an entire roll of tape…

I realised I had to take a course, and it has been so incredibly worth it that everybody involved in Perpetual Portraits has been sent to learn the correct way to gift wrap.  A beautifully wrapped gift adds so much more, it looks so special and perfect – it is definitely a skill worth learning!  I thought it would make a great idea for a blog post, so I asked Wrapped by Alice to share her guide to gift wrapping to help out anybody who struggles with it and doesn’t have a toddler to put the blame on!


Choose some good quality gift wrap, that reflect the recipient’s taste, scissors and sticky tape.


Crisp edges and neat corners are an absolute must. If you’ve chosen a gift that is an irregular shape, you might want to consider placing it in a box with some shredded tissue, before attempting to wrap it.

Screenshot 2015-09-30 at 6.50.22 PM

To measure the length of paper to use, allow enough paper to go all the way around your gift once, an allow an extra inch or two to spare.

Make an incision to mark where to cut.

Screenshot 2015-09-30 at 6.52.29 PM

To measure to height, allow enough to paper to almost, but not completely, cover the end of your parcel.

Do the same on each end and make an incision so you know where to cut.

Screenshot 2015-09-30 at 7.01.24 PM

Now cut your paper to size using the incision marks to guide you.

Try to keep as straight as possible, but if you do go a bit wonky it can be fixed up afterwards.

Screenshot 2015-09-30 at 7.05.48 PM

Place the gift face-side down in the centre of the paper, making sure there is an equal amount of paper at each edge. If you have cut the paper slightly wonky, fold in the edge and press to create a nice new straight line.

Screenshot 2015-09-30 at 7.08.28 PMPull one side of the paper across the gift, and hold in place.  With your other hand, run your thumb and finger along the edge to create a nice crisp finish.  Repeat on the other side, and secure with either double sided or normal sellotape.

Screenshot 2015-09-30 at 7.17.08 PM

For the ends, run your finger and thumb along the edges to define the crease.

Push right into the corners and a triangle will form (1.).  Fold this triangle inwards to create a second triangle (2.).

1. First traingle
1. First triangle
2. Second triangle
2. Second triangle

Screenshot 2015-09-30 at 7.42.14 PMRepeat on the other side, then fold the flap inwards and secure with tape.  If you find you have cut a wonky line, again fold in the edge and press to create a new edge.  Repeat on the other end of the parcel.

Screenshot 2015-09-30 at 7.45.40 PM

You should now have a perfectly wrapped gift!

Finish with a ribbon or hemp cord, coordinated tags and a bow.

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