Five paintings in five days

It has been so busy with Christmas commissions and charity portraits that I’ve noticed I have been finishing one portrait every weekday.  I’ve set up a blog to document the paintings I’ve been finishing each day entitled, imaginatively ‘A Painting A Day.

  1. Wire Haired Vizsla

12032340_10154168631102662_2037374075_n (1)

This was a large portrait, with the same dog portrayed in three different poses.

2. Parson Russell Terrier


This was another large one, at 16″ x 12″/40x30cm.  Rio’s gorgeous smile won him first prize of this portrait in a competition run by Pawfect Petwear.

3. Newfie, Poodle and Golden


Merlin, Freddie and Wilf made up this group portrait.  I love those ears!!

4. One dog and two cats


Daisy the dog and Nellie and Bagpuss the cats make up this mixed group portrait.

5. Triple dog portrait


The final painting is another group portrait, this time of three very happy dogs!

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