Ordering for Christmas

Firstly I apologise for using the ‘C’ word in November, but last year, like a Grinch, I had to turn away requests for commissions in early December.

To guarantee Christmas gifts arrive on time, I will stop taking orders for commissions in late November/early December, so it is best to order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment – especially if you want your commission framed.

If you are as organised as me, and do your Christmas shopping in a panic in the final few days before Christmas, then there are still options!

Gift vouchers

Screenshot 2015-11-03 at 10.48.04 PM

Gift vouchers allow you to give somebody a commission without trying to find photos of their pets and leaving the choice up to them.  Available in set or custom amounts, these will be gift wrapped in festive paper and posted with a personal message.  For the extreme last minute shopper, they can even be sent in an ecard to a recipient’s e-mail address.

Giclee prints


Prints are available of some original paintings I have been working on this year, they are hand signed and can be mounted or framed.  These two are part of a series of wildlife prints I will be expanding upon next year, so until they are launched there’s a 20% discount.  After months of experimenting with different printing companies and paper types, I am really happy with these, they are identical to the originals.  These can be ordered up to December 18th to ensure arrival for Christmas.

Get in touch with me at gillian@perpetualportraits.co.uk or leave a comment below with any feedback or questions.


  1. Hello, is it to late to get a portrait done of our Labrador for my partner for a Xmas present?
    You done some of her sisters vislas and she loves them.
    Kind regards,


      1. Great! I was thinking 16″x12″
        Could I forward the photo tomorrow when she’s not about? I could sort the payment out tomorrow as well if need be.


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