Vizsla Pumpkin Stencil

Last Halloween I carved a Vizsla on a pumpkin and had lots of requests for a stencil, so now that pumpkin carving time has come around again here is a free Vizsla stencil anybody can easily use to carve a pumpkin. 

Printable Hungarian Vizsla pumpkin stencil
File_000 (2).jpeg
Prepare pumpkin then print stencil, cut out circle and tape securely onto pumpkin
File_000 (3).jpeg
Firmly punch holes evenly along the outline with a pin to mark where will need to be cut
Cut along marked lines with a sharp knife to reveal the Vizsla silhouette.

I would love to see any pumpkins you create! Please leave a comment below or send them to The stencil is to fit a medium sized pumpkin, if you find it too large or small let me know and I can post some different sizes. Also, if anybody would like to see some other breeds I’d be happy to make up some new stencils – Happy Halloween!

Last year’s Vizsla pumpkin.



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