Vizsla Pumpkin Stencil

Vizsla Pumpkin Stencil.

Printable Hungarian Vizsla pumpkin stencil
File_000 (2).jpeg
Prepare pumpkin then print stencil, cut out circle and tape securely onto pumpkin
File_000 (3).jpeg
Firmly punch holes evenly along the outline with a pin to mark where will need to be cut
Cut along marked lines with a sharp knife to reveal the Vizsla silhouette.

I would love to see any pumpkins you create! Please leave a comment below or send them to The stencil is to fit a medium sized pumpkin, if you find it too large or small let me know and I can post some different sizes. Also, if anybody would like to see some other breeds I’d be happy to make up some new stencils – Happy Halloween!

Last year’s Vizsla pumpkin.

Unfortunately I do not have a stencil for last year’s pumpkin, I carved this on a whim without any planning or sketches. I will aim to upload a stencil in time for next year. Happy Hallowe’en!

View my Vizsla portraits and paintings.




Published by gillianussherart

I am a pet and wildlife artist, originally from Ireland but now based in Frome, England with my husband and children, two rescue dogs Rua the Hungarian Vizsla and Ogie the blind terrier, and Jet the cat. I take commissions for pet portraits and draw original animal art, most of which is sold as fine art prints and art cards. I also teach others how to draw through online classes and short courses available through my website. I have been working as a full time artist for many years, and have fulfilled hundreds of pet portrait commissions. My client base is international, and I ship worldwide for free. My work has been featured in publications such as Dogs Today Magazine, Dogs Monthly, The Guardian, Talented Ladies Club and Country Living Magazine. I support animal charities whenever I can, by regularly donating art to various rescue group fundraisers, donating 20% of income from prints to various breed specific rescues and providing wildlife rescues and rehabilitations centres with original art to fundraise and create merchandise. If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning art, or if you just want to connect, you can contact

6 thoughts on “Vizsla Pumpkin Stencil

  1. Love the stencil of the V for the pumpkin. Though I did print it but it seems a little small even for a med size pumpkin! Do you have a larger one?


  2. can I get a copy of last years stencil? my dog passed away this year and my kids are requesting a pumpkin carving in his honor. thanks.


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