Mixed Breeds

When I try to catalogue my past dog portraits and artwork into some sort of order the most obvious place to start is with breeds, which means that mixed breeds tend to be overlooked. As the extremely proud owner of a terrier crossed with a who-knows-what, I am very aware of this huge and wonderful group and overlooking them has never been my intention. So I’m dedicating this blog post to my portraits of mixed breeds.

‘Lolly’, 12″ x 10″
‘Murray’ 12″ x 10″
My first ever portrait – ‘Ruby’, 8″ x 6″
‘Jax’ 16″ x 12″
‘Millie’ 16 x 12 inches/40 x 30cm
‘Sandy’ 10″ x 8″
DSCN1583 - Edited (1)
‘Dudley’ 16 x 12 inches/40 x 30cm


‘Rowan’ 10″ x 8″
‘Grace’ 12″ x 10″

Learn to Draw your Dog


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