Hungarian Vizsla – Free Short Drawing Tutorial

For this short tutorial, all you will need is a HB pencil, a sheet of paper and an eraser.

1. Draw three main shapes to represent the head, chest and hindquarters. Pay close attention to the shape and the distance between each.
2. Draw lines to represent the body and neck. Take care to ensure you capture the curve of the belly and spine.
3. Add the muzzle, including a simple line to symbolise the mouth. Add the legs and tail. Notice the shape of the hind legs, and ensure their end point is equal to that of the front legs.
4. Draw the nostril, eye and ear, taking care with their placement and size.
5. Erase the pencil lines of the original shapes, redefine any lines you wish to strengthen.
6. Add detail. Notice the top of the nose, lines defining the eye, creases around and underneath the mouth and veins in the ear.
7. Complete your drawing by adding light, simple lines to capture muscles, ribs and add some hints of grass.

Best of luck with this short tutorial, feel free to get in touch with any questions or comments.




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Learn to Draw your Dog-3.png

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