Free Drawing Tutorial – Whippet

For this short tutorial, all you will need is a HB pencil, a sheet of paper and an eraser.


1. Begin by drawing the circle and egg shape as shown. Try to be as accurate as possible with spacing and size.


2. Add two more shapes, again taking care with position and size.


3. Draw in the lines shown to mark the neck, back and belly.


4. Add shapes for the ears and muzzle.


5. Draw the legs. Take time to note their width, shape and length. Notice the straightness of the front legs, and the sharp angle at which the hind legs bend at the hock.


6. Erase the guide line on the face and add the nose and eyes.


7. Draw the mouth, and redefine any areas that might look ‘odd’, for example the top of the snout.


8. Erase any remaining guide lines on the face and gently with the side of your pencil add shading to the face to define areas such as inner ear, cheeks, nose, etc. Simple lines will mark the creases of the inner ear and slight furrow on the forehead.



9. After erasing guide lines on the chest and neck, draw in lines as shown to define muscle and shape.


10. Erase any further guide lines. Draw in the tail.


11. Complete the drawing by adding further detail on the legs and paws, shading and darker areas on the body and redefining any lines which may have been lost while erasing the guide lines.
Best of luck with this short tutorial, feel free to get in touch with any questions or comments at

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