Free Drawing Tutorial – Puppy

For this short tutorial, all you will need is a HB pencil, a sheet of paper and an eraser.

Apologies for the terrible lighting in some of the photos, I usually have a blind to shade out any intense sunlight, but today my cat met my blind…

1. Begin by drawing the two shapes as shown. 
2. Draw in shapes for the eyes, nose, ears and paws. Add lines on the face to connect the muzzle with the head.
3. Add detail and shading to the eyes as shown. 
4. Erase the guide lines. Add shading and detail to the nose, around the eyes and the muzzle.


5. Draw in the ears and add shading as shown for the furry texture. Add further dark shadows in the space between the paws and the head.
6. Add some detail to the face. Notice the line in the centre of the snout which gives a sense of direction, and the how the shading is predominately on just one side of the head. 
7. Add detail to the paws. Notice the dark paw pads, lines marking each toe and the nails.
8. Add in the front leg and some further detail to the paw.
9. Add some fur to the back (behind the head), lightly draw in the back leg. Refrain from adding any definite detail as the almost blurred effect will create an illusion of distance.

Erase any extra lines or smudges and you’re done!


Best of luck with this short tutorial, feel free to get in touch with any questions or comments.

If you would like a more in depth tutorial, view my courses page to see courses currently available.

Learn to Draw your Dog-3


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