Free Drawing Tutorial – Galloping Horse

For this short tutorial, all you will need is a HB pencil, a sheet of paper and an eraser.

This is a short tutorial and it may be more advanced than other lessons. If you have any questions, please let me know by commenting below or contact me directly and I will respond to as many as I can on my Facebook page.

Untitled design-94
1. Begin by drawing the shapes as shown. Pay attention to their placement, size, and shape.
Untitled design-93 copy
2. Add lines to mark the neck, back and nose.
Untitled design-95
3. Add the legs as shown. Start with circles to symbolise the knees and fetlocks. Draw in hooves as a general rectangle shape. Pay close attention to the placement and size of shapes, then draw in lines to complete the overall shape of each leg. 
The length of the forelegs should be roughly equal to the length from the bottom of the ‘chest circle’ to the top of the head, between the ears. Make sure the legs are not too thick, and notice the placement of the hooves. For example the inside hind hoof lands at a point directly down from the inside ear. The hoof of the inside foreleg is placed directly underneath the nose.


Untitled design-97
4. Lightly draw a vertical line down the centre of the face, and diagonal lines as shown. Lightly mark in the nostrils.
Untitled design-96
5. Draw the eyes, placed on the diagonal lines was shown. Add some detail and shading to the nostrils.
Draw the head and ears, using the original lines as a guide then erasing as required.
Untitled design-99.png
6. Add shading as shown and erase any further guide lines no longer required.
Untitled design-101.png
7. Add shading and shape to the neck, then carry on to the chest. Notice each muscle as a shape. Shade in the darkest areas.

Learn to Draw your Dog-3

Untitled design-102
8. Complete the chest and erase guide lines as your work.
Untitled design-100.png
9. Draw the neck and and belly and lightly shade. Add darker shading to the underside of the belly and draw the back as shown.
Draw in the first foreleg. Take your time to notice the shape of the leg and hoof. Very lightly sketch in before committing to darker lines.
Untitled design-104
10. Add detail as shown, and repeat with the three remaining legs. 
Finish the main body, notice how the circle shape is largely kept unchanged. Notice also the curve of the belly over the hind leg.
Untitled design-93.png
11. Draw the mane and tail. Think of these as shapes rather than individual hairs. 
Draw in some hints of grass to mark the ground.




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