Learn to Draw

Learn to Draw with Gillian Ussher Art

I had always planned to go back to teaching art part time when my children were older. Until I was able to commit to regular hours, I began to offer some online lessons.

Learn to Draw your Dog-4

These lessons have developed into the most fantastic experience. Rather than people needing to commit to set dates and times, the lessons are received through email and I am then able to guide course participants online. I find that people are often more comfortable requesting feedback and displaying their work online than in a real life setting. The courses have Facebook Groups where people can share their work among themselves, and offer support and encouragement. It also negates the need for travel, allowing people to enrol from all over the world and from the remotest areas.

Pastel courses are available focusing on either dogs or horses.

The biggest benefit I have noticed however is that learning to draw from the comfort of their own home creates a habit with course participants. Rather than drawing only in a class setting for one hour per week, some people enrolled on the courses are reporting they have now developed a habit of drawing almost every day! Between this and the ease of requesting feedback and daily access to a tutor, I have definitely noticed an increase in the quality of work course participants are submitting when taking the course online.

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 13.39.39.png
Detail from the short course ‘Learn to Draw two Horses’

I have decided to focus on online courses rather than returning to teaching in a traditional setting. There are several tutored courses available from Learn to Draw your Dog for complete beginners to an advanced follow on course. There are courses for people with a little drawing experience to learn to use pastel, divided into a pastel course focused on dogs and a course specifically for horses. These courses start from £5 per week and are open to participants all over the world, and I will reply with feedback within 24 hours throughout the 6 week duration of each course.

Untitled design-261.png
Both short courses and longer tutored courses are available

There are also shorter courses available, with each one focusing on a specific subject. These cost from £9.95 each, or they are available on a subscription basis of £5 per month.

View the current range of courses available here

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