Learn to Draw with Pastel

A lot of people have been in touch to say they miss the group experience of the Facebook courses. For this reason, I am moving the Patreon monthly courses to Facebook groups in the hope it includes more people and those taking the courses can regain the group support they are missing out on. AnotherContinue reading “Learn to Draw with Pastel”

5 Common Struggles when Drawing or Painting Dogs

1. Black Dogs This is the the most common complaint I hear when teaching, and a reason a lot of people think a portrait of their dog might be impossible. Drawing or painting a black dog is no more difficult that a dog of any other colour. Once the reference photograph has enough light, especiallyContinue reading “5 Common Struggles when Drawing or Painting Dogs”

French Bulldog

This portrait was drawn with Faber Castell Pastel Pitt Pencil on Daler Rowney Ingres paper and measures 16″ x 12″ / 40 x 30cm. The reference photograph for this portrait was quite blurred, but the large paper size allowed me to add in a higher level of detail.


A very Happy New Year to everyone! 2019 has been a really busy year, and I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me. Your support through following this blog, interacting on social media or ordering artwork is hugely appreciated and allows me to continue working as an artist, IContinue reading “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”