Learn to Draw with Pastel (FREE)

The subject of April’s Learn to Draw with Pastel course is this horse with reins. Please note, due to so many people around the world being stuck at home at the moment due to Covid-19, trying to entertain themselves and maybe children too, April’s course will be completely free of charge. About the course AsContinue reading “Learn to Draw with Pastel (FREE)”


It’s always a treat to paint or draw a horse or pony. I grew up completely obsessed with them, and their grace, strength and beauty was what first inspired me to spend way too much time drawing animals throughout my life! Here are some of my past horse and pony paintings and drawings.

Furioso-North Star Stallion

The Furioso-North Star is a Hungarian breed named after its two foundation sires, North-Star and Furioso. Many thanks to Janina Suuronen for the use fo her fantastic reference photograph.